Bucharest in depth

Bucharest in depth

An approximative four hour extended drive through the City to give you a view an overview of the architecture and history of old as well as the new Bucharest, including brief visits to the Village Museum (outdoors) or the Peasant Museum, depending on the weather.

A tour of the Palace the Parliament, the second largest building in the world, can also be included, but requires advance reservations of at least 24 hours. While the exact route of this tour will vary, depending on the hotel where we pick you up, the following is a typical description of what you’ll see on the tour.

Starting at the Casa Presei (House of the Press), a building dating from the Stalin’s reign in Moscow (similar buildings are found in every capital city in Eastern Europe) we will pass the Bucharest Exhibition Center and enter the Northern, currently fashionable high rent district of Bucharest. On our way we pass the Village Museum and enter Victoria Square passing the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum.

We proceeded south on Calea Victoriei, passing Casa Vernescu, once the seat of the Writers Union and now a fully renovated luxury res taurant and casino. A bit further down in the mini palace “Victoria”; during the Nazi occupation building was the German Embassy and the cellar was used as a political prison.

Passing through the “High Fashion” boutique section of Calea Victoriei, on the left is the “White Church” we enter Piața Revoluției, where Ceaușescu made his last speech, passing the old Royal Palace (now the National Museum of Art of Romania), and the Romanian Athenaeum and Kretulescu church.

Soon, we reach Piața Universității. As the name suggests it is in the University area, but also includes the National Theater. We turn right and pass some of the University buildings, House of the Army and the Mayoralty and continue to Cișmigiu park. We reach the shore of the Dâmbovița River, then pass the Opera House; crossing the Dâmbovița we reach Cotroceni Palace, now the Seat of the President of the Republic, the Carol I Military Academy and the Botanical Gardens.

We wind our way back, approaching the Parliament Palace, the second biggest building in the world (after the US Pentagon).

Returning towards the City Center, we enter Unirii Boulevard, designed to emulate the Champs Elysee in Paris and head to the Patriachate, headquarters of the Romanian Orthodox Church, where we make a brief stop to allow you to visit the interior of the Patriarchy Church, a few blocks away we come to Unirii Square, the very center of the City, where our tour ends and we begin to return to the hotels.

We will pick you up and return you to your hotel.

Duration: approximately 4 hours, depending on traffic.

Cost: 130 lei/person (~32 €, taxes included, all entrance fees are included), children under 5 years free.

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